There are potentially many pitfalls and complexities with Utility ICOs. As a result, your business plan ought incorporate the blockchain as a key component of it. As a result, we provide the following services:

-     Analysing your business model and recommending any changes should they prove necessary

-      Assisting in the planning of a balanced token, that strikes a balance between avoiding MIFID regulations (by being classed as a security) and still pique the interest of investors.

-     Creating a privacy policy

-     Creating terms of service for the ICO

-     Assisting with writing disclaimers

-     Any advisory agreements for team members

-     Assisting with the lead generation agreement

-     Assisting with the token purchase agreement

-     Advice and assistance with the legal part of the whitepaper

For more information, contact our legal experts with all your questions and enquiries related to cryptocurrency matters.