General Legal Advice

Ignorance of the law excuses no-one, therefore never be caught unaware of legal issues in the Baltics by using our legal services.

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Company Establishment

International business requires an international company. We provide company registration services in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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Visas and Residence Permits

Improper visas and residence permits can easily ruin your day, and business. Ensure your visa and residence permit affairs are in order with our help.

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Accounting Services

Keep your books and finances in order with our accounting services provided by experienced professionals.

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Having the right set of licenses can make your business. We provide assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses for your businesses to succeed.

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The only two certainties in life are death and taxes, and arguably questions about the two. We provide quality taxation advice, to ensure your taxation related matters are handled effectively and efficiently.

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Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property rights is crucial to maximising the returns from your business. We provide a wide array of intellectual property services that will ensure your intellectual property rights are in the best hands possible.

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Cryptocurrencies and related services are becoming increasingly important and useful. As a result we provide a wide array of services related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs, as well as Cryptobanking.

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  • Client Focus

    To fully understand Your needs, challenges, requirements and goals and to maximize the value of our service.

    Miller & Company Law Firm

  • International experience

    Our specialists have years of background with international businesses.

    Miller & Company Law Firm

  • Excellence

    To pursue delivery of outstanding results in everything we do.

    Miller & Company Law Firm

  • Ethics

    To be trustworthy, honest, respectful and ethical in what we do.

    Miller & Company Law Firm

We specialise in international business and provide a full range of services.

Kati Miller

Founder and Managing Partner Kati Miller, before starting her own practice, Kati worked in an international law firm Gencs Valters, where she managed the Estonian branch and advised on wide range of areas from Business law to Taxation, Immigration, Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Diligences and IP.

Kati also has significant experience from KPMG which is one of the Big 4 audit companies where she worked at tax and legal department. In her background she also has experience in Criminal law and from Prosecutor’s Office, Court and Chancellor of Justice Office.

Currently Kati is also Lay Judge at Harju County Court and quest lecturer at TalTech University teaching students on Entrepreneurship. Kati is socially active and belongs to several NGOs, she is also member of Estonian Lawyers Association and alumni at European Law Students Association (ELSA) Estonia and Sorority Lembela.


Tartu University, MA
Tartu University, BA


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The GDPR introduced a remarkable development in the form of the new data portability right…

Online accommodation and hospitality marketplace Airbnb is to share user data with the Estonian Tax…


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