Comprehensive Assistance

The grounds and procedure for applying for temporary residence permits may have a number of pitfalls. As a result, Miller & Company provides comprehensive assistance in applying for temporary residence permits to Estonia, to give you peace of mind and the best chance of a successful application.

We will help you all throughout the process of applying for a temporary residence permit from start to finish. We provide advice regarding the best ground for you specifically for applying for an Estonian temporary residence permit. We will make sure that your application will be filled out correctly to give you the best chance of successfully obtaining a temporary residence permit as quickly as possible.

Additionally we will assist you in any other temporary residence permit related matters, including appealing a rejected decision.


Grounds for Applying

Individuals who are not EU citizens may apply for a temporary residence permit in Estonia under a number of grounds:

  1. For settling with a spouse
  2. For settling with a close relative
  3. For settling permanently in Estonia
  4. For studying
  5. For participation in Criminal Proceedings

We are well versed in the intricacies of the above grounds, and our qualified legal professionals will be able to advise you on which grounds of application are best suited for you. Hence do not hesitate to contact our legal professionals with your enquiries.