Company Establishment Services

The first step to becoming a part of the technologically advanced and dynamic market in Estonia is to establish a company. Miller & Company specialises in representing foreign clients in company establishment and related matters.

We will provide advice on company establishment to provide you with the best start possible for you and your company in Estonia. In addition, we will provide assistance from start to finish in company establishment, to ensure that the process is as trouble-free and smooth as possible for you.

Do not hesitate to contact our legal professionals with all your questions and enquiries related to company establishment in Estonia.

Types of Companies in Estonia

In establishing your company in Estonia you have the choice of five legal forms in Estonia:

  1. Private Limited Company (OÜ)
  2. Public Limited Company (AS)
  3. General Partnership (TÜ)
  4. Limited Partnership (UÜ)
  5. Commercial Association (ühistu)

In addition, it is possible for a natural person to operate as a sole proprietor in Estonia, however in this case the person has unlimited liability.

Furthermore, it is possible for foreign companies to establish a branch in Estonia.

Contact our legal experts for assistance related to company establishment with any enquiries you may have.


e-Residency Program

Estonia is on the forefront of technological innovation and as such is the first country to offer e-Residency program that offers many benefits for company management and company establishment.

E-Residency is essentially a government-issued digital ID that will allow you to manage your company wherever you are in the world as if you were in your home office. The e-Residency offers many benefits such as:

  1. Managing your company remotely
  2. Online access to international payment services such as Paypal
  3. Digitally signing documents
  4. Digitally declaring your Estonian taxes

Do note that the e-Residency program offers no right of physical residence in Estonia. Therefore, do not be the person stuck on the border waving only an e-Residency card!